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Through this therapy, a personalized painting of your soul guardian is brought to you, with a message and a portal to connect with him whenever you feel that you need to be reminded of who you are, your origins, your mission on earth, your personal power and what you can find within yourself.


This painting of the Guardian helps you to connect with your subconscious and your Soul in order to remember and free yourself from fears, blocks, guilt and to return to a state of love and trust in you and your Guardians.


They are here to remind you that you are being supported and that Love, Protection and Wisdom are also available to you.


Guardians are an extension of your gifts and through them you can connect and remember those gifts.


How will be the co-creation of your Soul Guardian happen?

I will connect with you and receive the information to be painted, I will also make a recording of the message that your Guardian has for you, and in the end it will be sent via CTT so you can use it whenever you feel the need.


Is this Soul Guardian the only one I have?

You have several Guardians with you as you evolve and grow they also evolve.

The Soul Guardian Painting brings the message and energy you need the most at that moment in your life.

You may feel the need to make more paintings of your Guardians of the Soul, it will be felt if the time has come.


Who is it for?

To all who feel the call to have this portal with you.

To all ages.


What possibilities are there?

An individual, family painting and even for your therapeutic space and home can be done.

What material will I receive my painting on?

The material used will be in watercolor paper.


What sizes can I choose?

A4 paper format

A3 paper

A2 paper


How to have my painting?

Send an email to and I will send you all the necessary information to start your personalized painting.

It can take up to 2 weeks to be ready, it is sent via CTT.


Gratitude to the Guardians who accompany me and to you who are visiting this page.

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